Monday, June 24, 2019

A NOTE FROM CAROL: Artist & Author Interviews

 Dear Gentle Readers,

I am contemplating some changes here at Vision and Verse. I know how much you all love the Artist & Author Interview Sessions, usually on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I am having some difficulty finding artists and authors willing to take the time out of their busy and demanding schedules to interview with us. And I completely understand. Writing a novel is a wonderful experience. You learn a lot about your surroundings and yourself. You develop a set of skills you never even knew you needed!

However, the marketing part of the job can be long, hard, and fruitless. It's exhausting. And it can leave the author with no time, energy, or desire to continue writing. I suppose it's the same way with artists.

If you know an author or an artist who needs a little bit of free publicity and is willing to take the time to interview with us, please email me their name and email address. If I cannot find willing participants, the Wednesday Interview segment of our schedule will have to be eliminated.


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