Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Excerpt from BELTERRA

“My People, it is my pleasure to have you all gathered together to welcome my lovely Neeka to our clan.  I feel very fortunate she agreed to come live with us.  It is also the first time in ten years we have had a medicine woman.  I am sure we will all keep her busy.

On a more serious note, please remember to keep ever vigilant.   Northford and Southland are always ready to devour each other.  We must remember that Belterra must be kept in balance.  We are like legs of a table; all four must remain strong, not allowing one to take over.  Keep strong.  Be vigilant.  Keep on the lookout for trouble.  Stay ready.  Thank you.”
Then they ate.  It was heavier cuisine than she was used to, and very salty.  Her people ate mostly plants.  After dinner as he refilled his wine cup, she panicked.  She smelled something   She looked at him and noticed a faint blueness around his lower lip.  As he raised the glass to his lips, she reached for his hand and held it away from his lips.  She stroked his hair and his earlobe with her other hand and got very close to him.

“Lord Braedon, listen to me carefully,” she smiled and whispered to him very quietly.  “Do not show reaction in your face.  Do not drink.  Pretend to drink.  Get a little on your lower lip. Then kiss me so that I may taste it to be sure.  I think it is poison,” she whispered in his ear.  She brushed her lips up against his ear. 

“Your people already?  They are fast!”   He kissed her.  She hung onto his lower lip.  He kissed her again, holding her tightly in his arm.  “Am I going to die?” he whispered.

“Yes, My Love, but not today.”  She kissed him again, this time just to kiss him.

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