Friday, May 10, 2013


One might not relate comic books to art, at least not in the formal sense, but, those volumes of brilliantly colored imagination and adventure are an interesting art form.  I believe the real art lies, not in what is contained within the book, but rather on it's cover.  As a child I remember it was the cover illustration that grabbed my attention and inflamed my desire to immerse myself in the story.

An extraordinary book by Greg Sadowski, with a foreword by Ty Templeton, celebrates the eye-popping artistry of the comic book cover.   "Comic Book Covers of the Golden Age, 1933-1945", is an album of 176 examples of classic cover art.  Paging through it, one will begin to understand the magic and see why children were so eager to part with their allowances just to get their hands on a copy.

There are images of Bugs Bunny, ruthless gangsters, mad scientists, soldiers, and heroes, all full size and in vivid color.  It features works from artists like Carl Barks, Jack Cole, Reed Crandall, Walt Kelly, and Jack Kirby, and is sure to fascinate and delight the child in all of us.

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