Thursday, May 9, 2013


I am often inspired by the work of other artists.  Many times I find creations that I use as a template for my own art.  One artist who has stimulated my creativity, is also a member of my family, my uncle, Dave Reed.

Dave is a self-taught artist who has painted some of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen.  He works in acrylics and incorporates "Bob Ross"**  techniques in his work.  He masterfully portrays a pastoral, idyllic mood in his scenes. 

Pictured at the top is one of many amazing lighthouses he's painted.  From this work I was inspired to "paint" my version in cardstock.  (below) 

I plan to feature more of Dave's work in future posts, thereby stirring your creative nature.

**Bob Ross  was a noted artist and host of the PBS show, The Joy of Painting, where he taught viewers  his techinques, using the "wet-on-wet" style of painting in oils.

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