Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Episode Twenty-One Meet Jakson Blake

Episode Twenty-One   Meet Jakson Blake

    “Isabella!  What in the hell are you doing?” bellowed her father as he entered the room with his men. “Coddling the same Galt tracker who was hired to kill you?  What is the matter with you?  Have you taken leave of all your senses?  Justin, Morgan, take my daughter out of here and see to it that she stays in her chambers, even if you must barricade her in!”  Justin and Morgan picked her up.
    “No!  Father!  Don’t kill him!  Please!  Don’t strike him!  Please don’t be brutal!  Don’t hurt him.  Simply ask him what you want to know.  He’ll tell you the truth.  He’s an honest and reasonable man.  And don’t cut anything off!  Don’t hurt him, promise me!  Promise it, Father!”  Her father said nothing as she was escorted to her room.
    Time passed.  She paced.
    “Cora, I am sick to my stomach thinking of what could be happening to him up there!”
    “You need to sit and calm down.  I’ll bring you something to drink,” said Cora, “something strong.”  Claire disappeared and returned with a decanter of thick, green liquid and two glasses.  “Here,” Cora poured and handed one to her, “drink it down.”
    “Good grief, Cora, did you raid my father’s private liquor cabinet?  Is this what I think it is?”
    “Yes,” she giggled.  “This green stuff is illegal on most planets.”   Cora poured herself a drink and they drank together.  Then they drank some more.  Soon Isabella was calm and Cora was giggly.
    “So, tell me about this husband of yours, Sam.”
    “Ahhh!  His name is Jakson Blake.  And he is… wonderful.  He’s an international binding arbitration mediator.  He’s an old world, continental gentleman, mannerly, well educated, from a wealthy family, and he speaks seven languages.  He’s in demand all over the world.  He’s tall, thin, and good-looking.  But it’s when he starts talking that he’s truly adorable.  He’s so sweet and lovable and romantic.  He makes me happy.  He makes me smile inside when I look at him.”
    “Well, well!  That sounds like love to me!  And where did you meet this good looking, sweet man of yours?”
    “I was doing relief work in Ohio, at the high school after a tornado hit my hometown.  I was knee-deep in clothing vouchers and private donations and paperwork and old people in dire need of their medication and crying babies with their half-crazed, worried mothers from the minute the doors opened.  I had worked through lunch and was exhausted.  And in walked this man in a suit, this breath of fresh air, this picture of calmness and serenity, with an ability to organize chaos with a smile on his face, one gorgeous smile.  With a reassuring voice and an air of authority, he had the room cleared out in a matter of minutes, with everybody happily on their way to whatever they needed.
I remember it very well…

    “YOU are just remarkable!” she looked up at him in utter amazement.  He flashed his gorgeous smile at her.
“Thank you, thank you very much.  And I’m also very hungry.  Would you care to accompany me to the cafeteria?” he said, offering her his arm.
    “I’d be delighted, Mr…”
    “Blake.  Jakson Blake.”  She took his elbow as they walked toward the cafeteria.
    “Well, hello, Blake, Jakson Blake.  I’m Hannery, Samantha Hannery.”
    “Yes, I know.  I asked who you were first thing this morning.”

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