Thursday, May 16, 2013


"The Daily Book of Art"  is an informative and entertaining book that is meant to be read over the period of a year.  It is full of short readings and lessons covering a range of subjects from the psychology of color to aesthetic philosophy to the debate on whether animals really can paint.

There are 10 discussion categories;  Art 101,  Philosophy of Art,  Art Through the Ages, Profiles in Art,  A Picture's Worth 200 Words,  Art From the Inside Out,  Art From Around the World, Artistic Oddities,  Unexpected Art,  and Step-By-Step Exercises.

If you love art but don't have a lot of time for it, this is the book for you.  The daily snippets will enlighten and delight.  And it comes with a ribbon bookmark so you can keep track of your reading.  I liked it so much I devoured more than one reading a day and finished it in 3 weeks!!

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