Sunday, June 2, 2013


                                                      The Art of the Brick
                                                        Discovery Times Square
                                                      226  W  44th St.,  New York

Get inspired at Discover Times Square with "The Art of The Brick", opening June 14.  Find your inner child or take your kids to see what's been hailed as "one of the top 10, must-see global exhibitions" by CNN.  Starting with ordinary multicolor LEGO* blocks, acclaimed New York based artist Nathan Sawaya creates extraordinary sculptures, ranging from lifelike figures to whimsical abstract characters.

Discovery Times Square has assembled the largest display of LEGO* art ever, including elaborate, never-before-seen, masterpieces.  Working with these commonplace bricks found in nearly every child's toy chest or classroom, Sawaya is redefining the concept of fine art, one LEGO* block at a time.

Spanning from realistic renderings of large-scale human figures sitting, swimming, shouting, or even tearing through the floor, to surreal modern geometric statues, Sawaya's pieces are simple, yet startlingly complex.  On average, a life-size sculpture of a person requires 15,000 to 25,000 bricks.  While the artist works largely in the familiar palette of primary blue, red, and yellow, deeper shades of meaning can be found in his awe-inspiring pieces


Article taken from New York Magazine June 2013.

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