Monday, June 3, 2013

Episode Thirty-Two Enter Jakson Blake

Episode Thirty-Two   Enter Jakson Blake

    “Okay, let’s nap.  Come here and let’s cuddle up in the middle of this giant frilly…”
    “Princess,” interrupted Justin at the door, “your father needs to see you right now, alone, please.  The gentleman is to stay here.”
    “Oh, all right.  Jaks, stay here, Honey.  Don’t worry.  I trust Justin.  He’s my friend.  He’ll make sure you’re safe.  I won’t be long.  You can warm up the bed if you want,” she winked and gave him a light kiss on the lips.  She left the room, turning to Justin.
    “Please see that he’s safe, Justin.”
    “Sam, I’m coming with you.  THEY’LL stand guard to make sure he stays, uh, in there.” He nodded to two armed guards who took their place on the door.

    “Father, what is it?”
    “We have had a very interesting turn of events, My Child,” he smiled.  “Guards!”  The guards escorted Jakson Blake into the room.
    “Samantha,” he called out, reaching for her. She ran to him.  They hugged and kissed.  “Samantha, I’ve been so bloody worried.  Are you okay, My Dear?  Did they hurt you?”  He held her arms up and looked her over.  “Where’ve you been?  Where are we?  Who are these people?  Why are you all dressed up like a cupcake?  Who’s the old bloke?  He’s not forcing you into anything, is he?  Oh, these third world countries and their unfathomable ancient ritualistic customs!  Some bizarre sexual role-playing?  You’re the cake and he’s the fork?”
    “Jakson,” she giggled.  “No.  I…”  The king approached the couple.  Jakson stood in front of Samantha and faced the King.
    “This woman is my wife, Sir.  She is not your cupcake.  And you’ll have to go through me to get to her.”
    “Oh, it’s fun time, dearie,” said the king, brandishing the remote.  “Bella, stand back.”  The king removed his finger from the button, arming the device.
    “I’ll have you know…” Jakson gasped and fell to the ground unconscious.
    “Look!  Another Jakson Blake!  How many of them ARE there?  This one came strolling in through the mirror in the basement, bold and smiling, handsomely dressed, as big and grand as you please, a true gentleman this one, with a photo of you in his hand, and asked the guards with impeccable manners if anybody had seen his beautiful wife, Samantha Blake.  And so calm!  So cool!  Do you believe it?  This one has class, and confidence, and, and big dragon balls.  I LIKE this one.  You may keep this one.  Jakson Blake is hereby granted asylum.  No one will harm him.  Just give me the other one to play with.  But, before he comes around, we need to find a way to tell them apart.  Can you tell them apart?”  She shook her head no.  “Well, we could cut him, or burn him, or maybe a little brand on the buttock.”
    “Augh!  Father!  No!  Let me think.  It has to be something Tarek doesn’t see, or he’ll duplicate it.  But nothing that’ll hurt him.”
    “Let me have the other one, then.  I can think of a few things to do to him.”
    “No!  Can we bring Jakson around and ask him what he thinks?  He is brilliant.  He’s an international problem-solver on Earth.”
    “Really?  All this AND an international problem-solver?  Well, then, all right.”
    “Can we make him a little more comfortable?  I’d suggest taking him to my room, but Tarek’s in there.”

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