Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review of PASSERS by Loretta Laird

A Beautiful Story of Duty and Love 
5 Stars

"PASSERS is the story of Jadara, a girl born of a Air Princess and a Passer, a member of an elite league of warriors charged with the duty of helping souls pass to their final resting place.  Jadara must find the courage to face evil and deal with personal betrayal on her way to fulfilling her destiny for the good of her people.  Will true love be the price she must pay?
    The fast-paced epic tale of Jadara is told with strongly developed characters and beautiful imagery.  The author draws you into the beautiful story of duty and love.  I do hope this is the start of a series because I, for one, want more!"
                                                                                 -Book Review by Carol Ann Kauffman

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Hopefully, I will be bringing you an interview with the talented Loretta Laird very soon.

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