Monday, January 20, 2014


Greetings Vision & Verse readers!!  Have you ever looked at an everyday object and seen it as something else?  Allowed your imagination to run away and envision something that isn't there?  As an artist, I look at everything that way.  Ever just look at the architecture or construction of an object and see the artful beauty in it?  Or just focus your attention on a minor aspect of something?  I do that too.  Do you see "movement" in the "static" aspect of an inanimate subject?  Yeah, me too.

I'm always experimenting with my digital camera, photographing anything that finds it's way into the cameras lens.  Many times I find the most surprising and inspiring things in those shots.  There is always more to a photo than what appears superficially.

In the interest of bringing something new to V&V, I'll be posting photos of random subjects in an effort to allow you to just let your mind wander, let you see more deeply into the world around you.  It's an awesome way to jump start your imagination and snap your own creativity to life.

So, be on the look out for the upcoming feature "WHAT'S IN A PHOTO?"     And as always, thanks for your continued support of our efforts here at Vision & Verse.

Image above "Finger Love", photo by Parker Kagan-Kaufman.  The one reason my mother never left me alone in a room with a pen.

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