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A Great review for Waiting for Richard

What has a feisty older author, a reclusive veterinarian, an elephant, a guy in drag, Pavlova, thugs, and an airport?  Why, Waiting for Richard, of course!  Here is a great review.

Format:Kindle Edition
A Review on Waiting For Richard
I don’t usually use the blurb for my review but because this back story is so complex I am including the blurb for edification of the story line in the words of the birth mother of the project Author Carol Ann Kaufman
“This is rather long, short story in the TIME AFTER TIME series, which follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, at different times, in different places, with different names and faces. This follows the alternate theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both good and bad, are continued in the future and rooted in the past. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this life will find us in the future.”

With that said on with the review from a reader’s perspective.
Imagine kissing someone for the first time after you've already kissed them for the last time. This is a charming and delightful slice of life comedy/fantasy that explores that premise with all the humor and pain that accompany it. Not to mention a really cute costar by name of Gretchen. You'll know it's her when you read her she carries her baggage in her trunk.
But seriously there is a much deeper subtext as far as I’m concerned. It is about reevaluation and those glorious second chances in this life or another to get it right in love, destiny and purpose, the story is unique in the context of time travel books.
Think about it - if you had the chance to see someone again who had died long before, from a relationship that felt like a dream, or was it? What would you say to them? What would you do? This wonderful story gives us the chance to find out. This is a truly touching story about going back in time or into the future and being able to experience your youth and priceless times that you will never be able to experience again, or so you think.
This book addresses the answers to those questions of doing it all over again. In the end, would you still do the same thing? If you had the opportunity to relive your life. Making the same mistakes and suffering the same consequences, would you do it? Remember, in making your decision, that it could effect for instance your life, and the loves and friendships experienced. The memory of these are contingent upon your answer.
So Skye isn't actually going back in time occupying the same space actually she is reliving the past with memories buried in her subconscious. There is a big difference.
The author’s attention to details pays off on an emotional level. The heroine isn't weak because Skye ultimately surrenders to a destiny that she can't seem to escape from. Quite frankly who would want to.
Her surrender is what ultimately sets her free. But did Skye actually relive her life? Or was it a dream? You can speculate either way. The important thing is the lessons learned from her experience. The author deserves credit for taking a story that could have been a rip-off of any time travel book. Skye turned it into a great story about love and life I highly recommend this book. I hope it becomes a bit more well-l known along with the series
Perhaps it's because we often find ourselves daydreaming of the good old days and simpler times...far removed from the hectic pace of today. That I find this story so appealing it should be noted. The tension between the two main characters was at times that age old come here go away game lovers play. I wanted to just yell and say "quit your whining enough already let’s just make this happen, you two.”
But at the end of the day only they can connect the feelings about mistakes and choices made in this or any other life. I got from this that all the experiences make us who we are. That destiny is destiny regardless of what time capsule we wake up in. Or as Miss O'Sullivan says in Peggy Sue Got Married, ‘‘you’re just browsing through time.''
I’m giving the book five stars because “Ms. Kaufman, you worked me like a fiddle, leading me right into the need for reading the series Time After Time.
Well played Ms. Kaufman, well played.”

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