Saturday, April 19, 2014

Carol's Favorite Interviews, Part Four

Nitin Sharma has written Group Discussions: More Than 100 Topics Covered, A Guide for MBA Aspirants and Job-Seekers, an educational story for children to enhance their study experiences, and a word power book.    He is a fan of fantasy, horror, and comedy, and writes those as well.  His perfect evening would be watching a beautiful sunset by the sea.  A self-proclaims foodie, he likes Italian, Indian, and Chinese dishes.  Nitin is a true gentleman and admires Dale Carnegie and Nelson Mandela, and the books of Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.

Debbie Herbert has written Siren's Secret, about a secret clan of mermaids living in the Alabama bayou.  It is the first in a trilogy published by Harlequin Nocturne.  This lovely romance writer likes cheesecake and pizza.  Her favorite television series is The Big Bang Theory.  She likes Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top, and Led Zepplin.  And her favorite song is... wait for it... Sweet Home Alabama.  She has great advice for beginning writers.

Fellow retired teacher Sandra Bolton comes from my favorite part of the country, New Mexico. She is a well-traveled contemporary mystery writer and has written two novels so far, Key Witness and Cipher in the Sand.  She likes Neil Young, Monty Python, and enjoys the outdoor life in the most beautiful part of our country.  She would like to sit down and have a conversation with Mark Twain.

Nathan Barra is an engineer, a writer, a blogger, and so much more.  Would I be offending all engineers if I said this man is an engineer WITH people skills and a warm, caring way about him?  I would?  Then, I won't say it. Nathan blogs on his own site, and with a lively group called "The Fictorians", .  He writes urban fantasy and science fiction.  Nathan is a self-proclaimed foodie, is a loose-leaf tea snob, and would like to sit down and have a conversation with Ben Franklin.  A total delight!


  1. Interesting group of authors.

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