Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Few Questions About Interviews

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Good morning!

I have had a few questions about the author and artist interviews on Vision and Verse. They are one of our most popular features and help us fulfill our mission statement of bringing you, our readers, inspiration. These creative minds of today not only tell us a little about themselves and what inspires them, but they inspire us!

Where did you come up with those questions?
Well, we wanted it to be fun. It had to be the type of questions that the artist/author could answer quickly, or elaborate as much as they wanted. It couldn't be fussy or time-consuming. What we wanted was an creative snapshot of the person behind the book or the art piece.  Over our fourteen months online the questions have changed only a little.

How do you get an interview on Vision and Verse?
Interviews are by invitation only. A name may come up in conversation, or someone will ask me about a particular book or painting. I then do my own research and issue a very casual invitation. I do not tell them right away that we have over 26,000 pageviews, that our audience slightly older and more serious, with a love of art and books and authors and artists. Some tell me they are too busy. Some refer me to their publicist, aide, assistant, etc. for me to contact. I never do. And some say yes.

How long is the turnaround time from invitation to the actual interview posting?
Whoa, that's a complex question! After the inital casual invitation and acceptance, I email the basic interview document package out with a note saying there is no hurry unless the author/artist needs a specific date to coincide with a book signing, art show, book or cover release. Most interview packages are returned in a week. Some take much longer.  We function on a loose schedule of authors twice a week, Art on Wednesday, and promoting our own books and artwork twice a week. 

Why can't I leave a comment when I try?
Oh, this question pops up all the time! And the answer is, I don't know! There are those who have no trouble posting to the comment box of our website and others who try and can't no matter which option they choose from the pull-down menu. My tech team has looked into it and claim it is fixed.  My advice would be to use the Anonymous tab in the pull-down menu, but please add your name after your comment.  Do you see the number of "Dear Anonumous" answers I send out? Sometimes it will not show on the website, but will come to our Vision and Verse gmail box. 

Thank you, Gentle Readers, for making Vision and Verse the resounding success it is. Thank you for your comments and lovely emails telling me how much you enjoy our simple, staightforward style and informative articles. I am thrilled to be able to introduce these wonderful artists and authors to you. Thank you showing up every day. Without you, I would be talking to myself!


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