Friday, June 13, 2014

THE TEMPLAR'S TREASURE by Cherime MacFarlane

The Templar's Treasure
by Cherime MacFarlane


As the MacGrough clan prepares to celebrate a milestone, chaos ensues. A 26 year old secret will be revealed, the father of a child exposed, a woman rescued and another stands up for the love she and her soul mate have shared for years. Lori and Hamish's 28th year anniversary party is off the charts. The MacGrough glen is turning up the heat. One very old anniversary gift holds the key to the last of the Templar’s Treasure. While the supernatural talents of one of the clan lead to a discovery of another sort. More history of the glen is about to be revealed to the MacGrough's of the twenty-first century.

About the author:

Author Cherime MacFarlane was born in New Orleans, but has lived in Alaska for the last thirty-seven years. She has been a journalist, a cocktail waitress, a roadie, and a paralegal.  She knows how to use a fish wheel to catch salmon on the river, chop firewood, and has been a chief mechanic's helper. She writes romance from both the female and male point of view, and has written The Copper River Romance series and The MacGrough Clan Story. 


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  1. Thank you, Cherime, for sharing TEMPLER'S TREASURE with us this morning. Can't wait to read it! We at Vision and Verse wish you continued success in all you do.