Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cover Reveal: GLAM ROCK by Lacey Dearie

Dear Gentle Readers,
This morning we have a very special treat for you from one of Vision and Verse's favorite authors, the delightful and talented Lacey Dearie of Leger, Cat Sleuth fame.  Here is her beautiful cover reveal for GLAM ROCK.  She had graciously sent us the book jacket highlights. 

Workaholic Beth Munro has built a reputation as Edinburgh's premier mastermind of romantic proposals.  She has devoted the best years of her life to bringing people together in the most dreamy situations but has sometimes fallen short.  While other proposal planners are arranging fairytales in exotic locations, all her clients are stuck in Edinburgh until she can gain the knowledge and experience required to make her proposals truly unique and offer an international service.

When she is offered the chance of a lifetime to travel to Monaco and arrange a special day for racing driver, Clive Gilroy and his rock star girlfriend, Renee, culminating in him popping the question, Beth cannot resist.

However, when she reaches the principality she discovers Renee has a secret and their relationship isn't quite as solid as it should be.  Beth finds herself attracted to her client and questioning whether she should be planning this proposal at all.  When disaster strikes and the ring Clive had specially designed for Renee goes missing, Beth finds herself gatecrashing an ultra glamorous A-list ball where some of the world's richest men and women are attending in an attempt to find the ring in time for the trip to Clive's childhood home in Gibraltar the following weekend where he plans to ask Renee to be his wife.  

Can she find the ring in time or will she end up even more out of pocket when she has to pay for a replacement?  Will she reveal Renee's secret to Clive and ruin his dreams or stay professional and watch while Clive makes the biggest mistake of his life?  



  1. Thank you, Lacey, for sharing GLAM ROCK with us this morning. We are looking forward to it, as well as more LEGER. We love LEGER! Thank you for being part of our Vision and Verse family.

  2. Thanks Carol! And big thanks to Vision and Verse for sharing this. I'm so excited about this book, I can't wait until it's out there :)