Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear Gentle Readers,
Some of you may remember Scott Borgman from an author interview I did on May 9th of this year (It's in the archives below if you want to reread it or if you missed it.) Well, this sweet and talented gentleman has a new book coming out TODAY and he was gracious enough to share it with our Vision and Verse Readers.

Book Description: 
The world of Tal’Avern is in turmoil.  In the northern part of the Province, open rebellion has raged for more than two years against Queen Salia, ever since she assumed the throne.  To the west, in the lands of Mar’Druk, the dwarves stay isolated within their mountain cities, wanting nothing to do with the problems that plague their once-close allies.  And to the south, in the hot and desolate lands known as the Ashlands, something stirs and looks to the north with desires of war and conquest.

When the threat of war looming in the Ashlands is discovered by an unlikely pair, questions arise.  Answers are sought.  And dragons, creatures of myth that are rumored to have existed a thousand years before, take to the skies once more.

Old friends will reunite, and new companions will join their cause as a harsh winter sets in.  Time is growing short.  When spring arrives, the Second Great War is certain to begin.  The dwarves will need allies if they hope to survive, Salia faces threats on two sides, and even the shadow realm falls under attack.

A darkness is coming, and with it - dragons.

This is the link to Scott's website, where he has excerpts from DARKNESS AND DRAGONS, and also explains how he is planning to help his local library through his book sales.  Check it out!


  1. My deepest thanks and gratitude to Carol here at Vision and Verse for helping to spread the word not only about my latest release, but for providing the link to my blog which explains my campaign that is currently underway to help out the local area library near my home.

    I can't begin to express how much this campaign means to me. Life isn't about what we can get, but what we can give. I truly believe that, and having such an amazing chance to give something back is both an honor and a privilege for me. Thank you, everyone, for your help and your support.

    All My Best,

    Scott Borgman

  2. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your new book with us. I think your campaign to help your local library is a wonderful example of how one good man can make a difference. We at Vision and Verse wish you continued success in all your endeavors , writing and otherwise.