Friday, September 19, 2014

A Poem from James Gordon, FIFTEEN MINUTES

15 Minutes
A Poem by James Gordon

they were old enough, so she sent her children upstairs.
again, as she had every few minutes, checked her phone.
said she was about to leave.
my heart asked her for fifteen minutes, and chuckling, she asked what I do if she did.
and I said this.

one minute to say hello and good to see you.
 two minutes to embrace you and live there.
 two minutes to allow my eyes to travel your physical landscape, my nose to inhale your scent,  and fingers touch your face and hair.
 one minute to compliment you and tell you how much I miss you.
 a minute to kiss your lips lightly.
 a minute to kiss your lips fully.
 a minute to kiss you and inhale your breath.
 a minute to kiss you and give you breath back.
 thirty seconds to pause and allow comprehension to catch up.
 thirty seconds of looking into your soul and you mine.
two minutes to embrace you so that no space can live between us, exchange breaths, and let tongues salsa.
 a minute to hold your hand and stare at God’s sky.
 a minute to say I cannot wait to see you , embrace you, and kiss you again. 
just give me fifteen minutes
that’s all I ask.
then, you can go back to work.
 then, you can go back inside.
 if you must, you can go back to him. 
just give me fifteen minutes.

15 minutes


  1. James,
    This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with my readers. Please come back again.

  2. Wow....I got that emotional lump in my throat and fought back beautiful and moving. Mr Gordon, thank you for sharing this with us....and thank you Carol for bringing James Gordon to V&V.

    1. Appreciate you Parker and your kind words. Wait til December. Connect with me

  3. A very touching, heartfelt poem. Thank you.