Friday, October 17, 2014

Interview with Author Iona Morrison

Iona Morrison
Westminster, CO (a suburb of Denver)

Good morning, Iona, and welcome to Vision and Verse, the Place for Art and Authors. Thank you for taking the time to be with us.  Tell us a little about yourself.
I have blog, I write the newsletter for work, but my biggest accomplishment is my novel, ‘The Harvest Club’ and I’ve written two more since. I’m currently working on revisions for the second book with my editor. The release date for ‘The Harvest Club’ was September 5, 2014.

Tell us a little bit about THE HARVEST CLUB.
Jessie Reynolds has no idea when she moves to Blue Cove, that she will be sharing her life with a ghost. A young pastor has been murdered, and Jessie finds herself following the trail of that death into the dark and deadly world of organ trafficking. 
Jessie is soon introduced to the detective in charge of the case. Matt Parker is a tall, scruffy, ruggedly handsome man who takes an instant dislike to her and the feeling is mutual. He wants her out of his case and she finds herself entangled in it. The tension between them mounts and so does the attraction.

What is your favorite genre to write?
My favorite genre is mystery romance. 

Favorite food? 
My favorite food is Mexican Food with Italian running a close second.

Tea or coffee?
I like tea and especially Iced Tea.

Pizza or ice cream.
Pizza would be my choice over ice cream.

Is there someplace you'd like to see or visit for a while?
I would like to see New England in the fall and the ocean anytime.

Favorite music?
I can’t say I have a favorite. I like many artists and different types of music. One of my favorite things to do is watch my son’s band play simply because he looks so happy when he’s playing. 

Do you listen to music when you write to put you in the mood?
I don’t listen to music when I write.

What makes the calm, cool Iona Morrison laugh?
It doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I laugh a lot, and can laugh easily at the silly things that I do sometimes.

Favorite work of art.
I like Van Gogh’s, Bowl of Zinnias, Summer 1886.

When did you begin your writing career?
I was in my fifties when I started writing, seriously.

Describe your perfect evening.
A perfect evening to me is dinner with friends and family; a time of laughter, good conversation, and ending the night with a little reading before bed.

What inspires you?
So many things inspire me, family, and people in general, nature and children. I observe, and write as I see it.

Ever get writer's block?  What do you do for it?
I keep writing, every day in some way, I make myself keep at it.

Favorite author.
Jane Austen

Favorite book.
Pride and Prejudice

What would you be doing for a living if you weren't a writer?
I was a speaker and teacher before I became a writer. I enjoyed that also.

Who is the one person who has influenced your personal life the most?
I find it hard to pick just one because different people helped to influence different facets of who I am. Overall, I would have to say my mother. She was the first to teach me about love, from her every action. She was a kind, warm, intelligent, and loving person. She made me believe I could be, and do anything in life that I wanted. I had a living reminder always present to be kind to others.

Name one person, living or dead, real or fictional, that you would like to sit down and have a conversation.
I would love to chat with Elizabeth Bennett. She was a complex character way ahead of her times. I find her quite fascinating.

What advice do you have for a beginning writer?
Just do it, as the saying goes. I didn’t know where to start, so I took some classes. I was encouraged to keep at it, which I did. I had a teacher tell me to write a novel, and I was inspired. Now here I am doing what had been just a dream in the back of my mind. You don’t have to be young to reinvent yourself. As long as you have life, there is inspiration and endless possibilities.

Do you have some links for us to follow you?
I can be found on twitter:

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