Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Work from Artist Reina Cottier

Good Morning, Gentle Readers,
I have another very special treat for you this first day of October, something to surely brighten up your day.  One of Vision and Verse's favorite artists, the very talented Reina Cottier, has some new work to share with us, and it is lovely, lovely, lovely.  Enjoy!

1/Koru Royal

​My inspiration for this piece was to create 

something with a more regal,​
​ look to it, something that looked 'priceless' or 'collectable', I also love the idea of cool tones and warm tones together, so wanted to design a piece where I could combine everything. The koru (meaning: new life & harmony) is nearly always a shape I start with to get my 'flow' going with my paintings, and this one just went so smoothly from beginning to end. The cools of the greys/blues contrasting against the gold really makes it pop. I was delighted with the outcome, softs hazey edges with crisp fine detailing. Its all about the contrast & flow. 

2/ Owl

This wee chap just emerged one day, I knew it was going to be an owl, but no idea just 'how'. I wanted a detailed koru ​
​(meaning :new life and harmony) to represent his body, so I started with that first, and once I had that done, the rest just presented itself very quickly. I also wanted the contrast of the white and black and to keep the 'colour' side of it very simple, I didnt want some very vibrant contrasting colours to outweigh the detail on him. 


​ Tribal Moon​
​This piece was inspired by the very full moon we had a couple of months ago, it was so big and bright in the sky. ​
​I love the fusion of tribal meets nature, hence the abstract symbols tribal markings ​, maori & pacifica inspired, scattered thru the painting. I wanted to create a dynamic vibrant peice where the moon was the focal point but the backdrop (night sky & stars) and forefront (flora) played a key role too. 
I feel I achieved this.

About Reina Cottier
Kiwi artist. Abstract Original Paintings. To see complete works to date: my images with my name attached -thankyou. To buy please message me here on FB.
I live in Aotearoa/New Zealand and I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful land & her people. Creatively I feel my art is very much inspired by my interests- mother earth, the ocean, nature, culture, & my experiences, (I live life to the full!) both here in NZ and overseas (I have traveled extensively in NZ, Australia, Canada, UK & Europe, US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pacific Islands).


P.S.  Reina has a knock-out 2015 calendar available on her website.  Check it out!

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  1. Thank you, Reina, for stopping by to share some of your new artwork. Come back soon. We are always anxious to see your new art pieces. We at Vision and Verse wish you continued success in all your endeavors.