Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Review of LESSON PLAN FOR LOVE by Jackie Marilla

Good Morning Gentle Readers,

You have heard me rave about Pancake Club books.  Here is another in the series.  Being a teacher for thirty-five years in the classroom and as a reading teacher, I got a chuckle out of the title  Lesson Plan for Love.  Believe me, I made lesson plans for everything else, but not love.  Here is my review.  Catch this series if you can.  Terrific little stories.


***** (Yes, those are stars!) Great Little Read
Lesson Plan for Love by Jackie Marilla
Reviewed by Carol Ann Kauffman
Nov. 6. 2014

I am reading the Pancake Club series backwards, and this one was as good as #3 and #4.  I hate to see this series end.  Sweet love stories with strong, likable characters facing difficult situations with honesty and integrity.  In this episode. a new teacher in town brings a disheartening secret with her, causing grief for one of my favorite cowpokes.  Great little read.

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