Friday, November 14, 2014

Review of DAMAGE CONTROL by J. W. Stacks

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This morning I would like to share with you my review of the book, Damage Control (The Pancake Club Book 3) by J.W. Stacks.  I started reading Book 4 of The Pancake Club series and am working my way backwards.  Each book is a stand-alone story of an event in the life of one of the members of the Pancake Club, who are small town residents who meet for breakfast at the local diner.

***** (Those are stars)  War is Hell and It Has Invaded the Pancake Club by J.W. Stacks
Review by Carol Ann Kauffman
November 6, 2014

War is hell and it has invaded the Pancake Club.  Having dealt with a veteran husband with PTSD, this story hit home and brought me to tears.  In this third installment of those sweet and wonderful pancake eaters, Navy veteran returns to his hometown, sees his high school sweetheart, and things heat up.  It's a simple story, but told with depth and honesty.  Post traumatic stress disorder is a relevant issue today and I for one was glad to see the story written from the veteran's point of view.  I highly recommend it.

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