Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Christmas Memories by Debbie Herbert

My Christmas Memories 
by Debbie Herbert

This Christmas, my memories are mostly of my mother who passed away a few days before Thanksgiving.  Christmas was her favorite time of year and she always looked forward to pulling down the dozens of boxes of holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  I mean even the bathrooms were decorated in red and gold.  And those decorations would stay in place until January 2, when she reluctantly and lovingly packed up the decorations for the following season.  I grew up listening to Andy Williams sing Christmas carols, Christmas cards arriving in the mailbox every day for weeks and the smell of baking.  We always made sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles and Mom would proclaim that it wasn't Christmas without my grandmother's homemade fruitcake.

I'll try my best to find joy and peace this season but it will be hard without Mom here to share it.  I'll seek joy in the small things and keep my family and friends close to my heart.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may all your dreams come true now and in the new year ahead!

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