Monday, December 22, 2014

Shirley A. McElhaney's Christmas Memories


Favorite Christmas memories - certainly a time for reflection....As a child...snow...the bubbling Christmas tree lights - I loved those. 

Smell of fresh yeast rolls and my Grandmother's Holiday custard in a crock out on the back porch sitting in snow waiting to be served in beautiful crystal glasses.
A new bike.

As an adult - my first married Christmas in a small apartment in Warren, Ohio - and a beautiful Christmas tree all our own.  

In 1965, I was expecting my daughter, Heather on Christmas day - she came on the 28th. 

Christmas mornings with my children when they were filled with excitement and awe.  Good smells and family and friends in.  

1968, my son had been born on Thanksgiving Day; and putting his first Christmas ornament on the tree that Christmas - a beautiful Little Drummer Boy which he and his sons put on their tree each Christmas still.  

Christmas Day, 1989 My granddaughter, Jessica was born.  And, many, many other memories. ~"

     -by Shirley A. McElhaney, noted local artist and all around sweet and wonderful person, whose artwork has been displayed all over the world.

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