Thursday, January 1, 2015

Alphabet on the Farm by Susan Harris

 Alphabet on the Farm
by Susan Harris

Alphabet on The Farm is a picture book for ages 2-6 (or for adults who love the small farm). It is dedicated "For children who have experienced the delights of a farm. For those who have not, I bring the farm to you."  It uses letters of the alphabet to introduce words relating to the farm.

Book Description:
Have you tasted milk? Do you know where the foods you eat come from? If you guessed a farm you are correct.  Farms are exciting places where crops are grown and animals are raised. You can find trucks and tractors, cherries and berries, wheat and oats, kittens and cows, fields and trees and a whole lot more on the farm. 
Have you visited a farm or lived on one? If yes, this book will preserve that special memory, and if you have not visited one, this book will bring the farm to you.

Author Bio:
Susan Harris is a former teacher and the author of Little Copper Pennies for Kids, Little Copper Pennies (for older people), Golden Apples in Silver Settings and Remarkably Ordinary: 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are. She lives on the prairies of Saskatchewan with her family, and loves making up stories, travelling, and taking pictures of the lush scenery. She got the idea for this book while playing with her kitten, Smokey, who was born on the farm.

Available from Borealis Press in Canada,
Chapter/Indigo/Coles bookstores
and from the author
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