Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughts on This Year by Cherime MacFarlane

Dear Gentle Readers,
Today's post is by the talented and interesting Cherime MacFarlane, author and adventuress. This woman has done it all, and with gusto. Her joy of life and deep capacity for love shine through in all her work. And now, Cherime...

"This has been an eventful year. The highlight of the entire year was the month long vacation I took in July. I know it won't appeal to everyone, but driving 3,398 miles one way from Wasilla to Las Vegas for the writer's conference there was an amazing trip. Going home I drove west on the Yellowhead Highway in Canada to Prince Rupert and caught the Alaska Marine Highway back to Haines. From there I drove home. It was just me, my little truck, text to speech on my Kindle and hot, hot music.

I got a lot of pictures and determined that one of my favorite drives in the whole world, the Cassiar Highway from the Alcan down to the Yellowhead was still one amazing drive.

Through it all I did manage to publish several books, The Templars Treasure which finds Lori and Hamish MacGrough celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary in fine chaotic MacGrough style in the glen. The children are all grown up and giving Hamish fits. The Twisted Laird the next one dealing with the MacGroughs, tells how the clan lost the glen after Culloden. I am including a jpeg of the cover. This one is scheduled to be released near the end of the year. Maybe on my birthday, now there is a thought.

On another front, the Copper River Romance series, Deirdre of the Sorrows takes the reader into the shadow world of three children, two of which have a common father. An alcoholic, the father and stepfather, abuses the children and initiates a tragedy that changes the lives of the young adults in major ways. 

I really to wish to thank all the readers out there who have embraced these children of mine. In the years to come, I hope you continue to dip into the indie author pool for entertainment. Come on in, the water's fine."
                                  -  Cherime MacFarlane

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