Friday, January 2, 2015

10 1/2 Sketches by Susan Harris

10½ Sketches
Insights On Being Successful Right Where You Are

Book description - The author's personal anecdotes and reliance on God in finding success

In 10 1/2 Sketches: Insights Into Being Successful Right Where You Are, Susan Harris nudges you to examine the gift you already have. Your life. Each of us has experiences that have fallen flat or soared higher than anticipated, and no one can take our experiences from us. Either way the pendulum swings, we can take away lessons: reinforce the good or change direction of the flat, look at or overlook the flaws.
Susan shows how one can turn pitfalls into triumphs and gains into greater gains through anecdotes from her own life. Hers is a life well lived, examined, and dependent on God. She is confident that you can be successful right where you are because success lies within you.


Chapter 1 - How Not to Kidnap a Cat
Chapter 2 - Excellence or Perfection?
Chapter 3 - Family Dues
Chapter 4 - A Word to the Wise
Chapter 5 - The Bestsellers' Principles
Chapter 6 - Petunia Power
Chapter 7 - Moving that Dream
Chapter 8 - For the Love of Mauve
Chapter 9 - I'm Feeling Susie-cidal
Chapter 10 - Promote Yourself

 Author Bio:
ABOUT: Susan Harris is a speaker and former teacher, and the author of Remarkably Ordinary: 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are, Golden Apples in Silver Settings, Little Copper Pennies and Little Copper Pennies for Kids. Her first submission to Chicken Soup for the Soul is published inChicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What? edition as Smokey's Lockout, and was released August 19, 2014. Remarkably Ordinary was released in print on November 1, 2014. Her new picture book, Alphabet on The Farm was released on December 1, 2014. Susan was born in exotic Trinidad but now lives on the Saskatchewan prairies with her husband, daughter and the unpredictable cats.

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