Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart of Stone by Alison Jean Ash

In the mood for a great Valentine's Day read?  Here.  It.  Is.

Heart of Stone
by Alison Jean Ash

Part 3 of the small-town romance Oakville Series. 

Sharon Hall’s biological clock is ticking. Policeman Jack Kennett appeals to the cuddly librarian, very much—but his attitude toward the library’s less-fortunate makes her wonder if he’s too cold-hearted for marriage and fatherhood. Meanwhile, a very odd young man seems to be getting dangerously obsessed with Sharon. 
Welcome to Oakville, a contemporary small town where people still know their neighbors, friendships last a lifetime, and gossip is a force of nature! 

A Review of Heart of Stone from Amazon:
Format:Kindle Edition
I am an avid Oakville fan, and Heart of Stone may be my favorite so far! Ms Ash always draws me in deeply with her characters. I really care about them, and this tale is a heart melter. The way Ash deepens this story as a whole, and also nuances each individual character’s story made for a great read that left me so satisfied - except for the delicious anxious waiting for, 'What's next in Oakville'? LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!

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