Friday, February 27, 2015

My Author Website Update is Complete!

Dear Gentle Readers,

Updates on my author website, have been completed.  When looking at it, keep a few things in mind.

One, I wanted simple. Tall headers, great cover photos, clearly labeled headings, and links. I wanted the website to reflect the simple, straightforward theme I follow in my work.  Remember, I taught first grade for most of my thirty-five years as a public school teacher.

My readers come for the content, not to be bombarded with too many columns and stimuli. The pages have a more coherent look, a page has been added for Collaborative projects, and new book covers have been added.  All and all, I am very happy with the results.

All of the Time After Time novels are listed under the series title page, but each novel has it's own page with a cover photo and book description. Some reviews, awards, special recognition notices will be added along the way.

Upcoming Projects got a new look, and that will be changing as new ideas morph into new books. Charming Deception is done.  It HAS been done for over a year.  I'm dealing with salvaging and retyping from a corrupt file on a computer that is not one I normally use.

Sea Witch is coming along very well, and I think you'll like it. Love and alien life forms in the warm, sunny waters of western Florida.  A smart, strong female lead.  A hero who will melt your heart.  And a sea witch, me maties! (Pirate talk)

We've added a page for collaborations.  The Books To Go Now Valentine Cookbook came out earlier this year with some great recipes.  It was a fun project and all the proceeds go to the National Literacy Council.  I look forward to more collaborative projects in the future.

I'm working on Daisy's Dilemma, a Monday Mystery Society Anthology, with the wonderful Books To Go Now authors, Alison Jean Ash, Giulietta Spudich, J.W. Stacks, and Samna Ghani.  The first volume, A Mystery for Marissa by Alison Jean Ash, with be out soon.  Daisy's Dilemma is Book Four in the series.

 Stop by  and tell me how you like it to be entered in the free ebook drawing on March first.  Winner gets his or her choice of any ebook on my Amazon Author Page list.

As always, I thank you for your support and participation.  I appreciate each and every one of you. Have great day.  Stay warm.  


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