Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The Oath of the Father
by C.J. Adrien

The synopsis is:

France, 822 A.D. 

Abriel Haraldsson is prey on the run. 

He was injured in combat and taken by his men to the nearby monastery of Saint Philbert to be healed. With the best of intentions, the monks faked his death and took him away to a far-off island to be reconverted to their faith. 

Believing the king to be dead, suitors from the north descended upon the island of Herius with the intent to marry Queen Kenna whose small kingdom had grown wealthy from its salt trade. The powerful warlord Turgeis—known for his prowess in battle and lust for blood—set his sights upon the queen. 

When a messenger from afar returned with news that Abriel had survived his injuries, the warlord set to sea to ensure the king would never return. 

Thus began the hunt.

Do you recognize this handsome man from 
a Vision and Verse interview on July 25, 2013.
He loves white chocolate chip Macadamia nut cookies,
a German techno band named Scooter, and the Herman Melville. NOW do you remember him?

Yes, well when noted historian C.J. Adrien was here
with us, he promised to come back and do a cover
reveal for his new book, The Oath of the Father, and
true to his word, here he is with his new cover and a link to read the first chapter in this wonderfully detailed
French historical fiction set in 822A.D. I have this book. I'm reading it right now and it is captivating.

Try the first chapter for yourself and see if you don't 

Other works by C. J. Adrien include The Line of His People.

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