Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Work of Martin Saldana

Dear Gentle Readers,

I first saw the unmistakable work of Martin Saldana while on vacation in Colorado Springs, CO, at the art museum there.  There was something about his work that I just loved.

There is a playfulness about his paintings, a fresh look at something old, that totally re-energizes the subject matter. 

Look at this.

Will you ever be able to look at Blue Boy the same way again?

I wish these photos were of better quality because they don't do his work justice.  I tried to buy something in the gift shop that had his images on them, but they didn't have anything.

And while we're talking about Blue Boy, we can't leave 
Pinkie out.

In 1950, Martin Saldana was invited to try out an art class... by mistake.  

He was the only 76 year-old in the class at Denver Art Museum and instantly became enamored with the idea of

painting scenes from his childhood in San Luis Potosi in Mexico.  His paintings have been described as endearing, innocent, and lively, but no matter how you describe them, they are charming and show the artist's great love of life.

Martin Saldana painted every day, usually completing an new oil painting every three days.

Martin Saldana died at the age of 91.  Before picking up the paintbrush, Martin was the head cook at The Brown Palace Hotel, a landmark in Denver, CO.

Just goes to show you, you are never to old to find that spark of inspiration that may change your life and the lives of those who appreciate your work.  

We owe all this to a wrongly-addressed invitation to an art class.

Thank you, Martin Saldana. Your work makes me smile. Your vibrant use of color and simple designs excite me.  You have made my world a better place.


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