Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Excerpt from BELTERRA

Dear Gentle Readers,

This morning I have for you an excerpt from BELTERRA, the sci-fi romantic adventure I wrote in 2011 and published in 2012. Thousands of people downloaded BELTERRA, which held the # 1 spot for a while in 2012.

While Neeka was busy with her class, Braedon had some time alone with his mother.

“Neeka and I went to see Spirit Lord Jamit.  Did you ever meet him?”
“No, but those spirit types are creepy, with their humming and chanting and rocking.”
“He told me you were in danger.”
“From what?”
“Seth, the Scientist Lord of Northford.  He is a nasty man.  I met him.  He threw a knife at me on neutral ground.  Remember?  He would have killed me if not for Neeka’s armor.  He was behind the poison wine.  Remember Mother?  He stole Neeka and kept her prisoner for months as his slave.”  Betta said nothing.
“Have you ever met Seth, Mother?”
“Have you known any Scientists, Mother?”
“What is this?  What’s going on?  Why are you questioning me?”
“I need to know what your connection to Lord Seth.”
“Because he wants to hurt Neeka.  You better tell me.  I plan to kill him.  I will kill anyone who tries to harm her.”
“No.  Do not kill him.”
“Why?  Why, Mother?  What are you not telling me?”
“Braedon, I hate to be the one to bring this to your attention, but there are things about your beloved Neeka that simply do not add up.  You come home with a woman you never met before, claiming she is the love of your life.  She tells you she is a medicine woman and the daughter of the Warrior Lord, but neglects to tell you she is Seth’s wife.  She claims to have been his slave for a month, treated viciously and brutally.  But there is not a mark on her body, and we have all seen her body because she wears very little clothing.  Now she wants you to kill Seth.  You are being manipulated.  I think you need to open your eyes, Son.”
“My eyes ARE open.  Pack your things and return to your own house.  Do not be here when I return.”

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