Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Art of Erica Hopper

The beautiful work of artist Erica Hopper first caught my eye on her Facebook Page.  She captures an illusive human quality in her paintings without ever showing a face.  

She uses muted tones as well as bright red and blue and the basic human figures to convey beautiful imagery. 

This one is entitled "Italian Marbles."
I love the flashy, daring, red dress and its contrast to the figure's hunched over,
depressed shoulders.  I do not see the marbles.  Maybe she lost them.

 I love Second Thoughts.  I love the way Erica uses colors and the posture of the figure to convey the human being equivalent of Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory." (The limp clock one.) 

You have to look closely at this one to see the red boots in Erica's new giclee on canvas "Red Boots Daughter."
Erica is represented by Blazing Editions. 

None of these images are mine.  I claim nothing but my thoughts this morning!  I found all my information on the internet.  The Piccadilly's Fine Art Galleries website has many beautiful Erica Hopper works of art for sale.  

Also, check out he Facebook Page!

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