Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Houston Writer Guild Short Story Mystery Contest

Call for Submissions
Short Story Mystery Contest

The Houston Writers Guild is proud to launch its own internal publishing company, the HWG Press.  We will be able to produce our own books to promote the Guild and its author members.
Heading this endeavor is our newly appointed HWG Press Director, Elizabeth Ann Domino.  Along with a team of volunteers and interns, Elizabeth will be in charge of publications for the Guild.
Short Story Mystery Contest:
The Contest is open for submission from April 25 through June 30 to both members and nonmembers. We are looking for original unpublished mystery short stories; stand-alone adaptations from a longer manuscript are welcome.
  • Entry fee: $25 HWG members / $30 non-members (US funds paid through PayPal or by check to HWG, P.O. Box 42255, Houston, TX 77242)
  • Multiple entries: $15 for subsequent entries. Authors may submit up to 3 short stories for consideration in the contest.
·       Each entry may not exceed 5,000 words in length and be submitted as a word document with the following guidelines:
·       One inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12 pt.
·       In the header: Title of story
·       File name should be: Title of Story
·       Author’s name must not appear in the submission
·       A cover page in its own separate file should be sent in word with the following:
·       Title of Story
·       Author’s Name
·       Author’s Contact information – mailing address, phone number, email
·       Indicate if this is an original short story or an adaptation from a full manuscript
·       Send these two documents to: HWGPress@gmail.com by midnight June 30st and indicate if you are mailing in your entry fee or wish to be sent a PayPal invoice.

·       First Prize = $
·       Second Prize = $
·       Third Prize = $

·       Top 10 stories will receive a standard anthology publication contract and appear in the new Guild anthology Dive Into Mystery.

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