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Nikida Bellezza's BIG BOYS - The Legacy, Sidechick Blues

5.0 out of 5 stars Tales of the BrotherhoodJune 26, 2015
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This review is from: Big Boys -The Legacy (Sidechick Blues Sequel) (Kindle Edition)
This was the first urban fiction black brotherhood book I ever read and Nikida Bellezza wove a fabulous tale of brotherhood, internal politics, and danger. You soon grow to love the character Angel and fear for her life, as she becomes more independent and a force of her own to be reckoned with as she attempts to right the wrongs of the past. Murder, treachery, and jealousy are all part of the story. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to all who like stories of people in power.

     Nikida Bellezza

A Little About This Series:

Big Boys -The Legacy by Nikida Bellezza is a fictional depiction of the rise of an elite, well respected and greatly feared black Brother known as The Big Boys. 
The Big Boys and their significance was first introduced in the book Sidechick Blues -The Plot by Nikida Bellezza, when the main character, Angel Powers, met and fell in love with Marcus Jones, one of The Big Boys' current leaders. 

Marcus is a married man who was baiting Angel into a trap that would lead to her demise. What Angel didn't know was that the plot against her was the same plot that lead to her being the last living Powers in her bloodline, and why. If it weren't for the interference of Deytwon Richards, the other current leader of The Big Boys, Angel may not have survived the Plot against her, or later learned that she was the missing heir to The Big Boy Dynasty. Eventually Deytwon and Angel fall in love and get married. 

Big Boys -The Legacy picks up just over a year after Angel marries Deytwon. The two lovebirds, believing that the Plot against Angel is over, goes on to live in ignorant bliss, not considering that the Union of their powerful bloodlines will breed hybrid children, leaving the Jones' bloodline (Marucs' bloodline) feeling as though they'd be outranked. 

The Legacy takes the readers on a journey through time from the early stages of the rise of ruthless Big Boy Brotherhood, through to its current ruthless leadership. Everything that the young current leaders have been taught, and everything that they've come to believe becomes unraveled as the truth about their legacy is revealed by a person whom the elders of the brotherhood thought they had done away with, decades ago. 

This is not street fiction. This is Urban Legend with twists and turns you'll have to read to believe. Check it out and see the difference! 

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