Friday, September 25, 2015

The Wedding Switch by Sharon Kleve

Book Description:

Abby Blackwell runs a successful wedding planning business. She’s delighted when Derrick, her boyfriend of only a few short months proposes. Abby immediately accepts and dreams of the perfect wedding at the Rose Chalet. But, when Derrick with no explanation, pressures her to get married as soon as possible, she has to wonder why and drags her feet. 

Derrick Coltrane’s future rests on portraying a settled, respectable and married man. All he needs is a wife—now—and Abby fits the bill. She’s successful, smart, gorgeous, and would make the perfect corporate wife. He just needs to convince her to tie-the-knot by the end of the month to close the most important deal of his career. 

Hunter Price knows he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. Derrick, a friend from school, hires him to pretend he’s getting married, in an attempt to trick Abby into planning her own whirlwind wedding. Abby is selfless, sweet, tastes like sunshine, and belongs to someone else—and he just kissed her. 

Two grooms-to-be—one bride-to-be and one bridesmaid. Which couple will walk down the aisle to happily ever after? 

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  1. Thank you for having me on your wonderful blog.


  2. It is my pleasure to bring high quality writers to my readers. Come back and see us anytime.

  3. Thanks so much for telling your readers all about The Wedding Switch! It's been so amazing to see how Sharon made the Four Weddings & A Fiasco world her own. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did <3 Lucy AKA Bella