Monday, October 26, 2015

70,000 Pageviews

Dear Gentle Readers,

Well, it happened this weekend, Vision and Verse surpassed the 70,000 page view milestone. Thank you to each and every one of you who stop by daily to see what's new here. 

On April 15, 2013, Texas paper collage artist Parker Kaufman approached Ohio literary fiction writer Carol Ann Kauffman (me, and no, we are not related) with the idea for a blog about inspiration and creativity, specifically the inspiration behind art and literature of today's world and today's artists and authors.

I jumped at the chance to work with this talented artist, who is also a sweet, wonderful human being. We had a blast! We posted works of the masters, lessons on art history and theory, informative articles on exhibits and museums. We shared our own work, as well as the work of other artists and authors. We devised an interview document that helped our readers see the person behind the finished project, and catch a glimpse at that elusive spark, that combination of creativity and determination that separates those who want to from those who do. We conducted over 100 interviews. This was our mission statement:

The mission of "Vision and Verse" is to familiarize our readers with our work, to share with them the inspiration we have found in interesting artists and authors along the way, to inspire our readers to explore their own avenues of creativity, and to help them unlock their ability to see the beauty that surrounds them every day. 

Parker left Vision and Verse to focus on his art. He comes back occasionally to share some of his new pieces with us, and that's always a joy for me. I love his work!

I will continue to strive to bring the most interesting artists and authors I find to your attention. Once again, thank you.



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