Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas at Star Lake

Dear Gentle Readers,

The long-awaited sequel to my best-selling Christmas short story, Madison's Christmas, is here and has two great reviews on Amazon.com already!

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By Romance reader on November 15, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
It's Christmastime, and when her secretary announces a visitor, Madison happily expects to see Kyle, the boyfriend she's meeting for lunch. Instead, it's the local police detective with horrifying news: when her father died last year, it wasn't a stroke, nor did her friend die of a heart attack. They were both murdered and it could be her fault! “Any one of the number of disgruntled thugs, bullies, and criminals that you’ve angered over the years, could've done it," Detective Carlucci tells her. Her systems analysis business is a front for the town of Silver Maple's "protect the innocent and help the helpless" operation. "You’re all in danger, and especially your boyfriend. Close up shop and leave town."

Can Madison save her boyfriend, her employees—herself? Or will this be her worst Christmas ever? And maybe her last.
Format: Kindle Edition
This story has everything: love, death, danger, madcap comedy--and Christmas. In this non-stop and ultimately very satisfying sequel to "Madison's Christmas," Maddie Rand and her beloved Kyle run up against a bad man who's supposed to be dead, and things go downhill from there... until they go uphill :-) The comedy of errors as Kyle and Maddie chase each other from hospital to hospital is a welcome spot of light relief, and hysterically funny.

Now, remember this is not a stand-alone story. It is the continuation of the story of Madison Rand from Madison's Christmas.
Still just $.99, with all author proceeds donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Have a great day.

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