Monday, December 14, 2015

Always on Christmas by Jackie Marilla

Emma Sanchez prides herself on raising her seven-year-old daughter without a man. She has a cabin to live in, a car to get them places, and a job. Her only concern is trying to budget enough money for Christmas, but with a minimum wage job, Emma can’t afford a Christmas tree let alone a gift for Ally from Santa. 

Cattle rancher, Hank Amaral, isn’t looking for a woman, but when he meets Emma and her daughter, he starts to consider the possibilities. He likes being around them right up until Emma accuses him of expecting kisses in return for a few favors and a Christmas tree. 

When disaster strikes the island, Emma and Hank must sweep pride aside and focus on safety. 

In the aftermath, will Hank and Emma be able to give Ally what she really wants for Christmas? 

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  1. Thanks for posting, Carol. You're a gem.

  2. You are very welcome, Jackie! There is more to come. Sadie's Santa and One Order of Love are on the schedule for next week!
    Merry Christmas,