Monday, March 7, 2016

The Ballerina Art of Anastasia Vostretszova

Dear Gentle Readers,

This morning we will exploring  the Ballerina Art of Anastasia Vostretszova.  She is an exceptional Russian artist who loved to paint the movement of the ballet from an early age. 

Anastasia Vorstretszova was born in Yekakaterinburg in 1981. She came from a family of artists and spent much time in Moscow as a child.  

Her art reflects her love for the Russian nature, Russian life, and Russian culture.

She has many exhibits in Russian as well as in Italy and the United States.

Her works are also part of private collections in Russia, Greece, India, and Holland. You can follow her on her website:

None of these images are mine. I claim nothing here. Have a great day!


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