Monday, May 9, 2016

A Century of Fashion by Pete Ballard

These elaborately dressed "ladies" are in Pete Ballard's gorgeous collection called "A Century of Fashion" at the Butler Institute of American Art. The collection begins with fashions from the 1790s and showcases the fashion of the 1800s.

Detailed information on each costume is displayed, explaining the popularity of promenade costumes with Spenser jackets during the Empire period, and the difference between visiting clothing and home clothing, which are then further divided into morning costumes and afternoon wear.

Bridal costumes and ball gowns were also on display with information on materials used and where they came from.

Seasonal outfits with accessories were beautifully displayed. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. If you are in the area, stop by  the Butler on Wick Ave. in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Butler never disappoints, except on Mondays, when they are closed. 

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