Friday, May 20, 2016

MCP Riverside Fellowship Gardens Orchid Show

Mill Creek Park's Riverside Fellowship Gardens recently held their annual orchid show, Jewels of Winter. It was truly spectacular! Orchids of every shape and size and color adorned the hallways. Each plant was in great condition.

We noticed the temperature was cool inside to accommodate the orchids as we entered the Davis Center of MCP's Riverside Fellowship Gardens to hear  Dave Miller,  president of the Greater Akron Orchid Society speak on growing orchids. 

"Orchids are the jewels of the
plant world. Let them dazzle you with their brilliance and splendor. During the heart of winter, find the spirit of the tropics here at the Davis Center as you observe these exotic beauties on display. Bring your camera, as there will be plenty of amazing flowers to photo-graph."
         -from the Davis Special
              Events brochure             

Orchid roots will die if they don't get enough air. That's why orchid pots have holes in them. These exotic beauties grow best in a non-soil potting medium, not packed tightly, and with very good drainage. 

Orchids hate a stale, stagnant environment. They also will not tolerate drafts, so be cautious placing them near a drafty window. They like bright light, but not full sun beating down on them.

Don't be afraid to try your hand at growing an orchid. They can be a little fussy, but they are worth the extra effort. If I can grow beautiful orchids that bloom like crazy from February until late April, so can you!


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