Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FREE Today! A Dilemma for Daisy by Carol Ann Kauffman

Dear Gentle Readers,

A Dilemma for Daisy is short story in the Monday Mystery Society series. Set in the small but wonderful Ohio town of Oakville, created by the talented Alison Jean Ash, all the stories center on a mystery book selection in the town's Monday night book club.

In my story, Daisy Mazlo returns to the town of her birth following the death of her parents. She's also running from a man.   Was he violent? Or abusive? No, but Carter had a way of willing her to do whatever he wanted without speaking a word. 

It was such fun to write with the other Monday Mystery Society authors, adding everybody's characters to our particular book club scenes. In Oakville, love is always just around the corner. 

A Dilemma for Daisy is available in kindle, paper book, and audiobook format. The kindle format is free today at

Have a great day!

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