Friday, July 8, 2016

The Fabulous Artwork of Reina Cottier

 Dear Gentle Readers,

The best part of this time-consuming,  non-paying, techno-nightmare of a job is finding great new (or new to me) artists and authors and sharing them with our Vision and Verse family.  

One of these artists is the wonderfully talented Reina Cottier. Her work is mesmerizingly beautiful. It takes you to an ethereal kingdom of beautiful flowers and magical creatures. She has been a guest on Vision and Verse in the past.    

Reina, in her own words:

"I am a professional artist based in Tairua. New Zealand.
Born and raised in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I currently live in a coastal town, the majestic mountains on one side, a surf beach on the other.
I have been painting for about 7 years. I studied art right through school winning many awards, but gave it up to become a hairdresser, and have children eventually. After my kids were both at school I took up painting and found an avenue for expression that was previously undiscovered inside of me.
Right from the start I was drawn to, even obsessed with, painting themes strongly associated with different cultures, particularly Maori & Pacifica, along with sun, surf, nature. I found the koru was a prominent feature that emerged in almost all my paintings whether I consciously put it there or not. It became my feature symbol in most of my artworks, along with strong ‘ocean’ themes, which evolved into oceanic creatures, especially since moving to Tairua."


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