Thursday, August 11, 2016

A New Review of January Black Ice

on July 26, 2016
This is the first book of the Cat Collier Mystery and I'm already looking forward to book 2. Carol Ann Kauffman has a special way with her writing. She brings happiness and romance to light in a wholesome way. She makes you wish you were that main character.

Cat, Mary Catherine Collier, writes the Obituary for the Heaton Valley Herald and also does research for the paper. Detrick Bittmor is a lonely old man who once was in his hay day a very prominent lawyer for the town.
Mr. Bittmore asked Cat to "make friends" with this man who has been sitting on a park bench every day outside his penthouse apartment. Find out who he is. Get to know him. Why? Well he may be ---- -----! Cat agreed to do it. But she never expected to fall for this guy and find out he has been lieing about who he is to her. Who is this guy?????

You are left hanging with some unanswered questions, but a warm feeling of true love. So now I have to read the next book to find out the answers. A good writer will leave a good book and you hanging.

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