Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gemini Moon by Maria Grazia Swan

Hi Carol, 
Gemini Moon was inspired by the death of a very good friend of mine. She died of a gunshot to the head. Her death was ruled accidental. The shooter? Her husband. This happened in 1990, in Southern California. I knew I had to write about it, I also knew i wanted to do it right.
 And one day I was ready. In Gemini Moon, the roles are reversed, the wife shoots the husband. Because of my strong friendship with the woman whose death inspired the story, I describe her as she really was in life, pretty, smart, funny, bubbly and full of love. R.I.P. Yvonne.

When her eyes were finally opened to the truth, she couldn't recognize her own life...
Italian-born Lella York is trying to figure out who she is. Her husband has died. Her son is grown and, for the most part, gone. And now, her best friend is missing.

Upon returning to Southern California after a visit to her beloved Italy, Lella is shocked to learn the mysterious circumstances of Ruby's disappearance as well as the death of Ruby's husband. And Lella's son is the prime suspect. Her cat is not so happy about it all either!

Now, someone's stalking Lella. Caught in the middle of it all, Lella stumbles across the perfect topper--namely, a sexy police detective who keeps secrets from her while he's setting her pants on fire. Nothing like a little romance to distract a girl while she's trying to locate a missing person, solve a possible homicide, get her son out of jail and stay two steps ahead of the firing line. 

....A perfect murder mystery....Dana Point Times
In a “suspenseful...smooth, compulsive” read, national bestselling and award winning author Maria Grazia Swan, delivers a “can't-put-it-down kind of read, almost like a dream/nightmare that won't stop”  Italophile Book Reviews

Gemini Moon was awarded the prestigious HOLT Award of Merit from the Virginia Romance Writers Association.

It also received a certificate of excellence from The Heart of the West
 Romance Writers of America