Thursday, February 16, 2017

Painting Pretoria by Giulietta Spudich

Paint what you love, says Mrs. Rosa. But what does Anna love? 

Is it her long-term boyfriend, Justin, who suddenly dumped her to spend the summer in England? Or her uninspiring thesis work in biochemistry?  

To bring her out of a listless depression, her mom convinces her to go to beautiful Pretoria, Maine, the place of her birth. 

Through an art summer school, the nourishing Aunt Pat and the support of her two best friends, she begins to find her voice and meets Fernando ... but is that really who she loves?

Dear Gentle Readers,

I picked up Painting Pretoria by Giulietta Spudich because I fell for the beautiful cover, mixing my love of painting and the ocean with all the right colors. What I discovered was a story of healing. Love goes bad. It breaks your heart. Now what? We have all been there.

In this story, Anna finds painting is the way to help her heart heal and feel strong and brave and ready, not only to move on, but to grab life by the horns and enjoy it to its fullest. 

Surrounding Anna is a cast of characters you cannot help but love. Her devoted friends. Aunt Pat. Mom. And...Fernando. I highly recommend this light, easy reading, beautiful book.


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