Monday, February 20, 2017

The Art of Bertha Wegmann

Bertha Wegmann was a Danish painter who was born on December 16,1846 in Soglio, Denmark.  The family moved to Copenhagen, Denmark when she was five years old because her father had to change jobs. 

Although her father was a merchant by trade, he was an art lover and spent much of his free time painting. As a little girl, Bertha showed great interest in drawing and painting, but received no formal training until she was nineteen years old.

With the support of her parents, she moved to Munich, Germany, where she lived until 1881. She studied with historical painter Wilhelm von Lindenschmit, the Younger. Later she worked with Eduard Kurzbaugh. But studio learning was not for her. She wanted to paint from nature and the natural world.

Woman Sewing in an interior, 1891

Bertha Wegmann became the first woman to hold a chair at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (because she persisted). She passed away on February 22, 1926 in Copenhagen.

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