Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BLUE LAKE by Carol Ann Kauffman

 Dear Gentle Readers,

BLUE LAKE was the first book I published. I wrote BLUE LAKE and BELTERRA at the same time, so I could never decided which came first. BLUE LAKE was originally titled Belpiccolo but my editor thought it was too ethnic, so we changed it. 

Here is the target audience statement for BLUE LAKE from 2010, when I was sending query letters to the big publishing companies.

Belpiccolo is a love story.  It is a state of mind, as well as a place, uniting two unlikely lovers across years, continents, and the universe.  It’s targeted audience is female over thirty, who have loved and lost, or who are still waiting, still hoping.  This targeted audience is ever-growing.  

This is not the original cover. In fact, BLUE LAKE has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers, may she rest in peace.
The first cover photo was from Lago Maggiore in northern Italy in the Lake region. I turn the photo on vacation years ago, and was captivated by it's serene beauty.

I loved the cover. It had the ethereal, timeless quality I was seeking.

However, as technology improved and requirements for online photos became more than my little point-and-shoot camera could deliver, I had to move on to another visual interpretation of BLUE LAKE, this one down the street from me at the time, part of the Girard Lake system.  

Although the cover has changed over the last seven years, BLUE LAKE remains the same, a state of mind as well as a place, uniting two unlikely lovers across years, continents, and the universe. BLUE LAKE is the first in the Time After Time series, that follows a pair of unlikely lovers through their many lifetimes together. 

It's a strange take on reincarnation, I know. And I'm not a believer in the concept. I believe this is no dress rehearsal, sweetie, so get out there and get moving!

Books in the Time After Time series SO FAR are: BLUE LAKE, BELTERRA, a sci-fi post apocalyptic story of opposing clans, BENTLEY SQUARE, rich girl falls for poor boy with problems, THE BASLICATO, a man caught in the wrong time and the wrong body with the right woman, Waiting for Richard, a novella where our lovers are senior citizens feeling as if love has past them by, LORD OF BLAKELEY, where our lovers really were born on other planets, but do visit Chicago in the '60s, and MacKALVEY HOUSE, where a young American girl falls in love with an older British author.

Please note the titles of full-length novels are in all capitals, and shorter stories appear in regular print. There are a few more at different stages of development in the Time After Time series and the last one will reveal who I think this couple really is. They are a famous couple in our culture and literature.

More to come on BLUE LAKE in the coming weeks.


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