Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time After Time Updates

Dear Gentle Readers,

My Time After Time novels have been updated. The storylines have not changed.  Guidelines in publishing have changed in the past seven years. The two spaces at the end of a sentence in now considered a waste of space in the online world. That was probably the easiest fix.

The Baslicato had a few issues with technology labels. Because it was set in the 1960's, terms like one-hour photo and GPS seemed out of place.  Changing the term to darkroom cleared the confusion in that instance, but GPS, which came into public focus with the Russian sputnik, was not available to the general public in autos.

Reformatting and re-editing my earliest novels was a little scary. So many authors say they are embarrassed by their earliest attempts in the writing world. Formatting flaws were evident and begged for correction, but I was happy with the storylines.

Spaces mysteriously appeared in my early books that were not in my manuscript. Even a bracket showed up out of nowhere. Why, I don't know!  

The Time After Time series follows a pair of reincarnated lovers through their many lifetimes together, in different time periods, in different places, at different stages of their lives. Everything changes, but love remains. 

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