Friday, July 21, 2017

Classical British Painter Arthur Hacker

 The beautiful paintings of classical British painter Arthur Hacker are experiencing a new rush of interest. Mostly known for his earlier religious images, these lovely fire paintings are getting much attention lately. 

Each painting tells a story. This refined lady walking through the woods alone seems pensive. What is she thinking of? 

This slice of life home scene shows a sweet, old  
a grandmother and her granddaughter at the table.
His use of drabber colors here 
sets the somber tone of a poor family.  

This white-veiled beauty is supposed to be a nun, a member of the religious order.  In earlier times you became a member at a very early age. Notice the angelic figure behind her, guiding her into a religious lifestyle. This depiction is very common for this time period. 

Notice the difference in the use of vibrant color in this painting. The rich colors denote the subject of this painting was of great wealth and importance. Also the fur and jewelry are another giveaway.

An Italian landscape shows a  serene walk in the countryside. Nothing here is mine. I claim nothing. All information was found online.

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